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Join the powerful network of educators, students, and families leading a revolution to change hearts, open minds, promote human dignity, and improve the most important social justice issues of our times.

Hear the compelling stories of teachers leading a dynamic school-based civil rights movement and the students whose lives have been transformed through programs that celebrate diversity, encourage inclusion, and teach us all how to better understand ourselves and each other.

“Education is a revolution of the mind that no one can take away from you.”
Darion Allen, Student

About Defining US

“Civil rights is about equality and that means seeing every person for his or her humanity and for their fullness as a human being . . . I still believe in human capacity to change and it gives me great hope.”

Dr. Sharon Contreras, Guilford County Schools Superintendent

Join the movement that is changing
hearts, opening minds, and providing
hope and human dignity
for every individual.

“It has to start with the understanding that we are all connected. When I look at a young person, I’m really looking at a bit of myself and hoping they will see a bit of themselves in me. Once we understand that what happens to you, happens to me, and vice versa, then we can begin to act in a way that is productive for us all.”

Dr. Lester Young, New York State Board of Regents.

About CWK Network

Connect with Kids Network (CWK) is a media and education company with a focus on improving mental health, increasing social justice, and expanding social and emotional learning for youth and families. For over 20 years the company has used the power of media and the promise of education to tell powerful stories that inspire social change and measurable impact.

In these transformative times we believe there is a need for our nation to hear the stories of students who are overcoming extraordinary odds and achieving significant success despite racial, gender, socio-economic and religious inequities. They are speaking out and it’s time to hear their voice.