Our documentary series focuses on how education, both tradition and non-traditional, can play a pivotal role in developing pathways and solutions on the social issues that make us most human: race, gender, identity, mental health and more. The feature length films are produced as anthology documentaries. Each film explores a particular social issue through a series of individual short stories about people who have unique backgrounds and perspectives, but who also share common experiences and impact through the social issue addressed.

Our 1st documentary tells the story of students and teachers who are improving equity and racial justice in America. Students of color are now the majority of our nation’s youth, yet many believe we are more racially divided than at any time since the civil war. Learn how educators are counteracting harmful stereotypes and helping all students discover their power, potential, and ability to lead us into the future. To request a password to view the documentary trailer, please contact us here.

Documentary Preview

Our anthology production strategy helps us all embrace and celebrate diverse populations and their individual stories while at the same time creating an opportunity for common conversations on the larger social issues that impact all of our lives. The documentaries are available for licensing in schools, corporate groups, families and communities and can be viewed as short-form programs, a film series, or as individual films. All documentaries include corresponding text resources that can also be used as a guide for deeper discussions in schools, at home, or at work. See our facilitator guide here. When we open our minds, and share our hearts, we can engage in respectful and even difficult, uncomfortable conversations to achieve the larger, shared goal of positive social change.

We are thankful for the students who have shared so much of themselves, including their incredible resilience to keep pushing to belong. And, we are equally grateful that an incredible group of leading voices in education and other sector experts participated in these films, encouraged us in this work, and who have also given us much hope for the future.

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