Paul Forbes

Executive Producer and Director of Partnerships
Defining Us

Paul Forbes is an anti-bias and educational equity consultant who focuses on implicit bias or what he refers to as “the work behind the work”. A native New Yorker who was born, raised, and still lives in Brooklyn, he has dedicated his professional life to working with students and families from historically underrepresented neighborhoods and communities. After 3 years as a Dean of Discipline in East Harlem, Paul spent almost 20 years as a central administrator in various roles (Coordinator of External Programs, Youth Development Director, and Senior Director) within the NYC Department of Education.

In his last role as Executive Director for Educational Equity, Anti-Bias and Diversity, Paul provided oversight and support for the effective implementation and continuous development of the Implicit Bias/CRE initiative. He also helped develop a strategic vision to guide the implementation of trainings and professional development to schools, after-school providers, districts and central offices on equity topics within education that included implicit bias, culturally responsive education and discussions around systemic and structural racism.

You can learn more about Paul and the work that he does at:

When Paul is not working, he’s watching and supporting his beloved NY Mets.