By Dr. Timothy Gadson, Superintendent of Salt Lake City Schools

We live in a world that, in many ways, feels more divided by the day.  News that feeds the divide can quickly overwhelm any of us. But let me state this with as much determination as I can muster:

Our schools are not teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT).

Quite frankly, as a new superintendent and as the proud first Black Superintendent in the state of Utah, I don’t have the time for distractions.  No superintendent does, new or veteran.  The call to get CRT out of our schools is a distraction. District leaders carry enormous responsibility on behalf of the students and families we serve, and the “noise” around CRT and other politicized topics can keep us from focusing on what we are hired to do.  It is up to us to avoid the trap of fighting against movements based upon blatant untruths that will force us to take our eyes off the prize and prevent us from providing all our students with a world-class educational experience.  We must allow every student to be their best authentic selves both in the short and long term.  Keeping students as my focus and my purpose helps me tune out the many distractions.