Defining US

Defining US connects the power of media and promise of education in America’s classroom for the heart and mind. Thousands of educators are teaching millions of students to promote human dignity and advance equity so that every person can reach their full potential.

Learn how educators are teaching us to better understand ourselves and each other by listening to our hearts and opening our minds. Discover how to create solutions that improve social and emotional issues of race, sex, class, and other differences that divide and define us.

Watch our documentary series that tells the courageous stories of adults who are leading the movement and the youth whose lives have been transformed. Explore our social action platform that includes credible resources for individuals and families and a network of education, community, and corporate partners that share transformative solutions with lasting impact

Until now it’s been a quiet movement, but it’s time to lift up and listen to credible, reasonable, voices that offer hope and healing. What can they teach US? Join our classroom without walls and get educated from the inside out.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. predicted that changing laws would not be enough to unify our nation.

“Morality cannot be legislated,” he said. “Education must play a great role in changing the heart.”

And, it is.

“Education is a revolution of the mind that no one can take away from you.”

Darion Allen, Student

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